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Why choose square real estate


“Own your SQM with Square Real Estate” our latest Slogan and compound title, because that we be believe that our success is attributed to our valued and loyal clients, that’s why we promise the best customer service, our agents and sales stuff are here to serve you we ensure that you can always rely on the paramount level of service we provide.

We will facilitate the negotiations between the buyer and the seller and are responsible for ensuring that the deal between the two parties goes smoothly. Square Real Estate prides itself as having the highest performance level in our industry. Our pioneering initiative has set standards and has led the way for many to follow. A combination of our experience, dedication to our craft, professionalism and reliability makes us the most dominating Lebanon Real Estate broker.

With our second to none approach, taking pride in our professional attitude, cutting edge marketing tools, our unparalleled team of qualified agents and the ability to provide exceptional service to our clients, we are number one in the Business of Real Estate in Lebanon, we set standards. Square Real Estate prides itself on the fact that our properties are at competitive market prices, which attract both buyers and sellers to our fair representation policies. With gratification we continue to gain exclusive listing contracts and boast one of the largest active databases in Lebanon.

We are dedicated, diverse, and highly qualified; we are committed to meet each client's specific demands so as to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. We are focused on providing sound and honest advice for real estate investments, weather buying or selling, residential or commercial, apartments or villas and even property management, we offer undiminished solutions to our client's real estate needs.

Why invest in Square Real Estate

Over a long period, real estate always showed a considerable profitability. In spite of political tensions, this market did not stop valuing these last years. On the contrary, interest rates have been dropping and some say they may drop further. The stone remains a safe investment!

Its first advantage: More than the monetary value, it is first a physical good which has value to exist contrary to a virtual "scrap of paper". Then when everything goes badly, real estate property gets back to its basic use: to accommodate owner or tenant.

The second advantage: If the acquired real property was chosen on quality criteria, e.g. located in a good district (schools, trade, etc.), its value should better resist the possible decline of the market, more than any other property badly located, of inferior quality or with defects. In a period of inflation, the best locations are often the first ones to value.

Why we are the best

1- Team - Our Agents extensive knowledge of both national and international markets is the corner stone to an educated and profitable investment decision

2- Legal - If you don’t have a legal advisor, Square is a great place to start your search in the Real Estate Lebanese market. Square will help you with understanding Lebanon’s Real Estate Laws. We provide you with all legal documents, selling and renting contracts to attempt their signature.

3- Speed - Our highly trained and professional team is determined to exceed your expectations and realize your needs the fastest way.

4- Honesty – Honesty is our first policy due to the good faith that we have in our clients since our beginning

5- Effectiveness - We manage to assure the best deals to our customers in all kinds of properties..

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