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With our years of experience in Lebanon real estate market, we will offer you high quality services which includes:

1- Brokerage: We assist you with, selling, buying and renting properties.

A-1-In Selling: If you are ready to sell your home, you’ve come to the right place. List your
property on the "Lebanon Best Real Estate Website"!
Access industry expertise, dedication, and commitment to your goals and resources that create an unparalleled opportunity to distinguish your home in this competitive marketplace – all through a real estate professional.

A-2-Buying: Are you looking to buy or invest in a property in Lebanon or Cyprus?
Would you like to move to a bigger apartment or house but need some help to decide?
Are you a newlywed couple seeking a nice place to start your family?
Whether you are an experienced buyer or a first time buyer, will provide you with the right support to attain your goal. Contact us, we are ready to help!

A-3-Renting: Are you looking to rent a nice apartment, maybe a high tech office, or how about a cozy shop? We are here to help! With Square Real Estate you can count on a dedicated team of specialized real estate agents who are trained according to international standards as we belong to the worldwide

2- In Real Estate Appraisal and Consultation services:

Our team provides you the real and fair price of your property through implementing detailed studies and comparative market analysis using different appraisal methods. In addition we offer specialized consultation services and feasibility studies through our team of experienced professionals. Our detailed studies help the investors in evaluating and anticipating future risks and therefore giving them an advantage when making their decisions

3- In Full scale legal service:

If you're a first-time buyer or you're buying or selling a property without an agent in Lebanon, SQUARE Real Estate is your real estate lawyer who can answer your questions, help you negotiate, and take care of a lot of the little details you might not be aware of or available to do.

If you don’t have a legal adviser Square is the great place to start your search in the Real Estate Lebanese market, Square will help you understanding Lebanon’s real estate Laws. We provide you with all legal documents, selling and retting contracts to attempt their signature.

Square gives all clients Investment Consultancy, We advise you on making the right real estate investments in Lebanon. Our legal firm in Square gives you Mortgage Consultancy, We offer assistance with the process of attaining a mortgage and we insure our clients premium deals in collaboration with our Bank allies.

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